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Our Logo

The Leapfrog logo was refreshed in October 2023. You must always use the logo specified here and not use the old logo(s) here onwards.

More versatile than ever

The new Leapfrog logo supports a host of color combinations and works seamlessly across any color palette. While the Leapfrog green is our official color, you are free to use any color under the sun. Just make sure you follow the correct contrast requirements. That's it - that's the rule. There are no other rules.

The story of our new logo

Our new logo draws inspiration from our 2010 logo while symbolizing our upward trajectory. The iconic leaping frog from the 2010 logo is reimagined in a way that traces its path of growth - a testament to our journey from then to now. The emblematic upward-facing swoosh encapsulates the bold leaps we have taken, both as a company and as a platform for individual growth.

Logo evolution
The swoosh pays homage to our classic logo (2010-2014) and traces the path of the leaping frog. The forward and upward facing swoosh represents our zeal to always move forward and leap upwards.
The leaping frog

The Swoosh mark

The Leaping Frog Mark, aka the Swoosh Mark is created using a grid. It is composed of a quadrant of a circle. The Swoosh Mark must never be used without the bounding box (black or green) when used without the wordmark.

The Swoosh mark

Swoosh mark as an icon

We use the swoosh mark as an icon on our social media, apps, website favicons and launchers. Like stated earlier, when used alone, this mark must always be enclosed by a rectangle or a circle. The swoosh must never be used on a flat background without an enclosure.

Icon variants
The Swoosh mark can be used as an icon for apps, social media or favicon in green and white variants.