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The Leapfrog Brand System

This is the comprehensive resource that unveils our dynamic and evolved brand identity.

The new Leapfrog brand identity puts people first

A strategic shift and the rationale

This rebranding effort marks a significant milestone in our journey. Since our inception in 2010 and the brand refresh in 2014, Leapfrog has undergone remarkable growth, both in terms of our team and the clients we serve. This brand refresh encapsulates our transformation, celebrating our evolution into a confident, forward-thinking, and impactful organization.

Our motivation for this rebranding goes beyond mere aesthetics. We recognize that Leapfrog should resonate with who we are today – a company that empowers personal growth, thrives on innovation, and provides an environment that is both vibrant and enriching. This brand guideline elucidates the essence of our new identity, articulating the key elements that comprise our visual identity and messaging, and detailing how we will consistently communicate our values and promises.

Challenges with the previous brand identity

The pre-2023 Leapfrog brand had served us well, yet it had its limitations to effectively reflect our significant growth and transformation. As our employee numbers quadrupled and our client accounts expanded, our brand identity remained somewhat stagnant. This incongruence led to a misalignment between our visual identity and our internal reality. Our brand needed to evolve to communicate our newfound confidence, our innovative spirit, and the unique workplace culture we have cultivated.