Leapfrog Brand SystemLeapfrog logo

Composition and Sizing

Here are some basic composition, size and spacing specification of the logo.

Logo composition

The Leapfrog logo is composed of a onwards and upwards facing swoosh and the word Leapfrog placed besides it on the right. This lockup is the official logo of the Leapfrog brand.

However, we can use the swoosh independently without the word-mark. But remember, the word-mark cannot be used without the swoosh.

Logo swoosh meaning

Onwards and upwards leap

We have simplified the logo so that it works perfectly on a 16x16 favicon as well as on a 40-foot billboard.
Logo fits in a grid

Balance is the key

The swoosh aligns both vertically and horizontally with, and is the same height as the word-mark Leapfrog.

Logo spacing

We want to make sure that the logo is not disturbed or distracted by elements being placed too close to the logo. For this reason, an imaginary circle equal to the size of the inner space of the letter O is used as a reference to create a clear space around the logo.

You must not bring anything too close to the outer perimeter or it will immediately catch fire and disintegrate.

Logo spacing specification
The imaginary circle protects the logo from all sides from any distractions.

Logo sizing

The logo cannot be resized smaller than the recommended size. A very small logo becomes hard to read and letters will start squishing together. Again, we are a company for innovators and dreamers - not ants.

That is why a minimum of 4mm horizontal size of the logo has been prescribed. If you need to use the logo smaller than this size, please use the favicon instead.

Logo sizing specification